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Hot ukrainian women - What to do after the first date?

So true! You met with a hot Ukrainian woman on an online dating site, after a while you met with her in Ukraine, in her hometown, or Moscow. The meeting left a lot of impressions and emotions that you both had that day ... Now, only there was only one small moment. What do you do next?

To get started, remember one thing: the outcome of your dating and date depends on your behavior ... and only depends on you, whether it will be positive or negative. Let's say that all went well (in your opinion), and now you are deciding what to do after the first date ...

You need to be prepared for very different consequences. If one thing can lead you to the wedding, the second, quite simply, can move you away, preventing any bonus to which you're so expected. The famous lover Casanova, in the years of his life, said: "When a woman sees that I respect not only her beauty, she loves me even more ..." So, is going to be ready for a date as to what after all is simply wonderful, and the fact that it just sends you ... In both cases, you cannot take it personally - as in the first and second head should be cool and sensibly assess the situation. We're men, creators of logic in this world.

After the meeting, give her time to experience all the events several times, to tell all her friends and listen to their advice. Be sure - all the events of your meeting with her will not be only among you: all of her inner circle, except, perhaps, but relatives will know everything. Therefore, give her a day or two so that she drives herself to the point where she simply will need to see you again.

If things really went well, then 7 times out of 10, a Ukrainian woman will call you herself and ask you to take a walk ... It will be a kind of check on how much she likes you. In this case, say that at this time you are busy (think up a story when you depend on someone else's fate), but as soon as you are free - you gain it. Let her always be ready, go near the phone and wait for his promised call. This will make her nervous - for them, as if the creature is emotional, it is necessary. Calling, invite her somewhere. Just try to make sure everything goes according to your plan (you should be prepared and plan ahead.)

If she didn't call or message you then do it yourself and ask her to meet you. Don't say "Do you want me to go to the zoo? Hmmm? "- This will give her a choice, and the more chance of rejection. Your words must express your intentions! "Today we are going to the zoo at 5:00.So get dressed appropriately. I'll meet you there, then ... ". In general, Ukrainian women are very fond of mystery. Therefore, if your phrase is "I have today for our special program developed. Therefore, at 5, I'll pick you up. ", It is + 70% success rate!

Good luck!